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Pancreatic lipase is important in dietary triacylglycerol breakdown: reducing pancreatic lipase activity reduces triacylglycerol breakdown resulting in lower amounts being absorbed by the body.

In a collaborative project with the University of Newcastle, RD Biomed has a patented invention that describes how High G alginates are effective inhibitors of pancreatic lipase.

These are used in the food industry at low levels and can be included at higher levels in foods without altering organoleptic qualities – potentially reducing the uptake of dietary triacylglycerol aiding in weight management.

The alginate can be added to various foods, including bread, biscuits, cakes and meat products, such as sausages. Alternatively, the alginate could be added to various beverages, soup and yogurt. The mode of action is important in weight control as a slimming aid.

Structural/compositional characteristics of the alginate used are essential for lipase inhibition as is the seaweed species from which the alginate is extracted from.

The technology is covered by patent EP 2 504 016 B1 and granted in 17 European countries and patent WO 2011/064547 and in granted USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.