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It’s with great sadness that we announce that our wonderful Professor Peter Dettmar has sadly passed away.

A truly inspirational leader, colleague and friend, Peter has helped so many people over the years and we know he will be greatly missed not only by friends and family, his teams the Peptest labs and the RD Biomed and Technostics offices, but by industry colleagues across the world.

Peter’s passion for helping people with reflux spans four decades and he was a renowned world-leading expert on using the stomach enzyme pepsin as a marker for the disease.

In his former role as global R&D Director of Gastrointestinals for Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare, Professor Dettmar was also involved in developing alginate-antacid treatments Gaviscon and Gaviscon Advance.

He authored more than 530 peer reviewed journal papers, conference abstracts and book chapters on gastro-intestinal matters, and established international research and clinical networks, as well as national and international conferences and workshops, on reflux disease.

His book ‘Reflux Aspiration and Lung Disease’ was among the top 50 per cent of most downloaded e-books in its respective e-book category in 2019.

Always joyful and kind (with that wonderful twinkle in his eye), Peter found the time to chat to everyone including our Peptest customers seeking help for their gastrointestinal symptoms.

Peter, you will be so greatly missed.